FOAN is built on 4 pillars of sustainability, these underpin everything we do and are the reason we launched the brand.


Slow fashion is the future. The fast fashion industry currently produces 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions every year and uses around 1.5 trillion litres of water. Instead of abiding by fast-paced trends or wear-once culture, we believe in creating classics. Clothing that's incredibly durable and becomes a wardrobe staple. Using a high-quality, premium-weight jersey achieves this. Stronger fabric, with a flattering fit - ready to meet the rigours of your fast-paced life, without sacrificing sustainability. 


We had to ensure the factory we partnered with had a happy, well-paid workforce. After much research, we chose to work with a small factory based in Portugal. Founded in 2014, they employ a traditional method for both their craftsmanship and their community. Employing only 30 highly skilled garment workers, they are in demand and cater to high-end clients.


We wanted to keep air miles to a minimum, sourcing and making as 'close to home' as possible. As it happens, our neighbours in Portugal are the 'king' of jersey product production. Using 100% organic cotton provides a super-soft feel, whilst offering all-important durability. Organic cotton is made from natural seeds (rather than genetically modified seeds), the soil is cared for by rotating the area used, pesticides or chemical fertilizers are banned and water usage is greatly reduced. Our brand labels feel like silk but are actually a clever 100% recycled polyester. Our swing tags are uncoated FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) recycled paper, as our kraft mail bags - which are also biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. 


Work on sustainability is never 'done'. We can always improve and move with the advances of technology and insight. So we will always keep striving for better.